Santa Cruz Small Business Spotlight

Amling Artisan Jewelry

The best gifts handcrafted with ♥️ in Santa Cruz.

Whether you are a Santa Cruz local or a happy visitor,
a meaningful reminder or souvenir about riding the good waves of life
and making good choices is priceless.


Good Wave Keychain

Waves of Good Vibes from
Santa Cruz for everyone

Good Vibes for this Home Keychain

Good Vibes for
this Home Keychain

The best housewarming
gift or just because

Good Vibes Bracelets

Carry good beach
vibes with you
everywhere you go

Good Wave Necklace

Good Wave Necklace

Everybody needs a
Good Wave Necklace

Good Vibes
Only Keychain

Spread Good Vibes
everywhere you go

How about gifting Waves of Good Vibes to your business associates or employees?
And build extraordinary relationships with a memorable gift?
Check out high quantity pricing at: – Corporate Gifting Strategies with Heart,
Or contact, contact 831.295.9256